Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pink All Over

I adore this very simple pattern. Boxes of pink fabrics with white sashing in between. That's it! How much more simple can it be :-)

So I looked into my pink fabric collection, cut them up into 4.5" squares and put a 2" white sashing in between all those pinks.

I ended up with 70 such pink squares, arranged them 7 across and 10 down, framed it with white all over, then finally a 4" floral pink fabric to finish off.

A small polkadot pink as backing fabric and binding fabric was a bright shocking pink.

Absolutely adorable! I so like this one.

Measurement : 43" W X 56" L
Made up of 50% American cotton + 50% Japanese cotton
Price : RM180
Status : SOLD!