Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cars & Stripes

Yes! Another easy-to-whip-up project. Playing with only 2 IKEA fabrics (just like the 'Fun & Bright' quilt). Cut the car fabric into 5" squares and put a 2" green/blue striped fabric as sashing and all around border.

Even had enough left over fabric for a pillow.

Bluish polkadot fabric for backing and binding was a green polkadot - just PERFECT!

All done & lookin' good :-)

Measurement : 43" W X 56" L
Made out of 100% IKEA cotton
Price : RM220
Status : Present for Baby Abu!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Summer Blooms - II

Remember this panel? I cut up the blocks and put them together, resulting in a square-ish quilt some time ago. Decided NOT to cut this time . . . .

. . . . left the panel as it is and added 4 different borders.

Started with the 2" solid pale-pink fabric, then came the 3" green polkadot fabric, next was the 1.5" pale pink print fabric and finished it off with a 5" pink striped fabric.

Backing fabric was just perfect! and binding is the same solid pale-pink fabric.

Long and nice!

Measurement : 43" W X 61" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM300
Status : SOLD!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

9-Patch Block Quilt

Its done! My 1st 9-patch block quilt. The block itself measured 4", so the squares are only 1.5" - tiny for my standards - LOL!

Simply added a 2" solid white as sashing and all around 1st border. Finished it off with strips and strips of colourful scraps measuring 2" x 5".

I love my backing fabric - what more can I say (he!he!he!) and binding fabric was a marbled reddish-maroon.

Like it ?

Not bad huh ! LOL.

Measurement : 43.5" W X 54.5" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM250
Status : Reserved for Liana

Cuddle up Quilts

Found this lovely quilt book and if you look closely, it costs only RM19.90. What a find!!

. . . . and here's what's inside. Cannot wait to get started on a few of them soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teddies for October

Name : 'Marcus'
Price : RM45
Status : Available

Name : 'Bobbie'
Price : RM45
Status : SOLD!

Name : 'Kylie'
Price : RM45
Status : SOLD!

Fun Squares

I simply love this one! Just 5" squares picked at random and stitched together.

Ok, it also had a tiny purple line just before the last line of squares. Just because - LOL!

Something lite for backing fabric and binding is yummy-licious purple polkadot!

Can't go wrong when you go traditional ;-) LOVE IT !

Measurement : 45" W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : Reserved for Najmin

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roses in My Garden

Been wanting to try my hand at 'point on blocks' . . . . so I did. Its where the square blocks are sewn on point (like diamond shape) instead of laying it horizontal.

Had this (full) pink roses fabric which I cut into 4.5" squares, next I put a 2" algae green fabric as sashing and finally at all four corners, was a 2" square bold shocking pink. Good to go!

First border was a 1.5" shocking pink strip, and I finished off with yet another 5.5" (sparse) pink roses fabric as last border.

Backing fabric was white with small pink flowers and binding was the same shocking pink at all four corners & 1st border.

Not bad!

Measurement : 43" W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM250
Status : SOLD!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun & Bright!

This one was easy-peasy! Made out of 2 fabrics - both from IKEA.

Cut up the center piece into 5" squares and then put a 2.5" orange/red striped IKEA fabric as sashing and also the 5" border.

Yummy red/blue polkadot fabric as backing and binding was a red patterned fabric - from IKEA yet again.

Made rows 5 across and 7 down and we're all done!


Measurement : 43" W X 57" L
Made out of 100% IKEA cotton
Price : RM220
Status : Available

Saturday, October 9, 2010

GiRls JuSt WanNa HaVe FuN!

Again, another gorgeous panel that caught my eye! This panel has 6 blocks of beautiful girls doing girlie things.

Shocking pink and green just shouted out at me! So I put a 3" green sashing in between the 6 blocks, then went for a 2" splash of yellow fabric and finished off with a 5'5" shocking pink!

L-o-v-e-e-e-e it!

A subtle cream with tiny rose buds as backing fabric and binding was a solid shocking pink.

A girl's must-haves, dontcha' think!

Measurement : 43" W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : Gone! - as a pressie for baby Sheikha.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

9-patch in the making

Made this 9-patch blocks from long ago and found it again whilst cleaning up my 'organized ship-wrecked'. Had just enough so decided to put them together with solid white sashing.

A girl's gotta have her 9-patch quilt some day . . . . ;-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Horses in the Wild

Bought this gorgeous horse fabric from Cottage Patch awhile back. I just love horses!

Simply added a 4-patch block in shades of brown-cream all around . . . .

First off, I've cut up the fabric to a size of about 29" X 37". Next I added a strip of 2" brick brown fabric all over. Then for the top and bottom only, I played with some green fabric. I quilted the center piece with criss-cross pattern.

Backing fabric was perfect = white + specks of brown and binding was the same brick brown. Am glad I finished it off with the 4-patch brown + cream :-)

I like!

Measurement : 44" W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : Reserved for Najmin

Fat Quarters - SALE!

Shades of purple . . . .

Gorgeous blue . . . . SOLD!

Sunny yellow . . . . SOLD!

Cheerful red . . .

A set of 4 pieces of FQ @ RM35/ per pack!