Saturday, January 29, 2011

Disney Princess

It was a sweet, pastel coloured Disney Princess panel which I bought from Cottage Patch, Ampang.

There were 4 Princesses - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora & Belle. All my favourites! Worked with 6 blocks (4 Princess + 2 names : 'Aurora & Belle').

Worked with only 2 colours - pink & lite purple fabric in hand spray effect, stripes & dots. First was a 1.5" lite pink polkadot, next was a 3" lite purple, then for fun, I added a 1.5" striped purple and lastly, I returned to the pink polkadot at 5.5". It all worked well!

Backing fabric was a complimentary purplish print and binding was the same lite purple solid.

A little girls dream ;-)

Measurement : 42'W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : SOLD!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Furry Friends

A friend of mine has them and asked if I could help her sell these lovely furry-plush-soft-toy for her . . . .

Name : HARRY the Hippo
Price : RM60
Status : Available

Name : LIONEL the Lion
Price : RM60
Status : SOLD!

Name : BINGO the Bear
Price : RM60
Status : Available

Name : DOUGLAS the Dog
Price : RM60
Status : SOLD!

Name : CASSIE the Cat
Price : RM60
Status : SOLD!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sail Boat Quilt

Remember this? It's finally done - YEAYYY! 35 colourful sail boats cut at 2.5" squares on solid white background. Next was - lo & behold - a navy blue fabric with anchor and sailboat prints!

Finished it off with big bold striped fabric from IKEA, cut at 5".

Backing fabric was pale blue printed fabric and returned to the navy anchor prints for binding.

I simply LOVE this one!

Colourful and BEAUTIFUL.

Measurement : 44" W X 58" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM300
Status : SOLD!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's an I LOVE U (the tree is the "I") panel. With alphabets all around. Just lovely. Done this before - remember? Think I put an orange as first border then.

Quilted the center piece and the alphabet squares . . . .

. . . . and added 3 different coloured border fabrics - red @ 2", yellow @ 3" and green @ 5".

Backing fabric was perfect I thought - cream background fabric with tiny flowers in red & green. Returned to the red with white prints for binding.

Nice & Long.

Measurement : 40" W X 60" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM260
Status : SOLD!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back after a LONG break


My family and I went on an unplanned holiday which took us 2 weeks! It was a LONG time to be away from my machine and sewing but we all had a great time together. It's back to reality now . . . . . and TONS of unfinished sewing work, work-to-do, work-to-create . . . . and just work basically - LOL!

There's so much I would like to get done and achieve in 2011. So here's to a GREAT year ahead y'all!

Rite . . . ., I'll get to it now.

p/s. For those of you who have patiently waited for your orders, a BIG thank you! I'm sorting it out right now ;-)