Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Underwater Friends!

I saw this panel and thought it bright and cheerful.
 Just love the colours here!

Decided to go with a 2.5" lime green solid all around and then a 
5" bold purple + green dots as finishing border.

Quilted all the 'underwater friends' - they look slightly 3D here :-)

Backing fabric was another shade of purple print fabric and went back 
to the solid lime green for binding.

Loved how it turned out!

Measurement : 42"W x 57"L
Price : RM220
Status : Available


So couldn't resist this panel! Bet you wouldn't too ;-)

Added a 2" solid pink all around and finished off with 
a 5" purplish print border I had in my stash.

So falling in-love with it here . . . 

Backing was a wee bit different - small squares print fabric, and binding was another shade of pink.


Measurement : 43"W x 53"L
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

ABC & 123

A lovely panel. Got it from one of the online shops :-)

Added a 5" matching stripes fabric as finishing border, with a square dark brown print fabric at each corner. Just because.

Quilted the center piece as usual.

Backing fabric is a matching green tiny dots and binding is a 
darker shade of brown.

Done & Ready to go!

Measurement : 41"W x 51"L
Price : RM200
Status : Available

Pink Owl

I've done this before (re : A's Order) - its the same lovely panel!

Simply added a soothing pink heart print fabric as the finishing border 
and we're done!

Oh yes, and quilted all the owls in the center :-)

Tiny bright pink dots as backing fabric and solid pink as binding.


Measurement : 42"W x 49"L
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

For lil' baby Ruan

Ruan's mum chose this panel and asked if i could make some 
other stuff to go with it. I said ok.

A lovely safari-like panel which I added a 5" dark brown print fabric 
as its border and quilted the center piece.

And please could you put his name at the top?
Sure, no problem.

Very nice!

Backing was another shade of brown lines and binding was a cream solid.

A matching pillow to boot . . . . and some other stuffs too :-)

Hope lil' baby Ruan likes them all! 

Mike & Ella

Been wanting to make these cute lil' elephants. 
Found an easy pattern for it and got started.

So here's Mike . . . . ,

and this is Ella.

Mike + Ella

Made a smaller one too :-)

B is for Boy

A very blue boy panel - LOL! 

Simply added a 5" 'electric blue' dot fabric as finishing border,

quilted the pictures in the center,

used the same fabric for its backing + a bring red print for its binding,  

and we're done! Nice ;-)

Measurement : 41"W x 52"L
Price : RM200
Status : Available

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sweet Meadow

Such a sweet-panel-I-just-had-to-get-it!

Simply added a floral print pink fabric as its finishing border and 
quilted the center piece.

A pink pillow to boot! 

A lovely pink heart print as backing fabric and binding was 
a gingham pink. We are all out for PINK here!

Really, really SWEET.

Measurement : 42"W x 50"L
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Dragons & Castle II

I've done this one before - you remember?
Just love this bright & vibrant panel.

Added a 1.5" solid lite purple and went with a 5.5" colourful 
striped fabric as finishing border.

Looks nice and big and long-ish.

Backing fabric was a crinkly-line purple and binding was 
yet a darker shade of purple.

Had enough for a matching pillow too!

Measurement : 42"W x 58"L
Price : RM220
Status : SOLD!