Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its Strawberry Shortcake!

Bought this beautiful Strawberry Shortcake panel from Cottage Patch the other day. Couldn't resist it really.

Put a matching 2" lime green as its first border, a 3" lite pink as its second border, and finished it off with a 5.5" red fabric with green dots.

A lite dotted pink as backing fabric and went back to the lime green for its binding.

Even had enough fabric to make a matching pillow!

Simple & lovely.

Measurement : 42" W x 52" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy-Sunny Quilt

Its finally done . . . my happy-sunny quilt! It took awhile as I hand-stitch the petals of the flowers. I decided to make 6 blocks of flowers & 6 blocks of pin-wheels of different bright, happy colours.

Put a yellow sashing in between them and did small multicoloured squares of the same fabric used for the inner flower petals.

Couldn't decide on its final border . . . Initially thought of something bright and loud, but went with lite green flowers in the end. It had a soothing effect somehow.

Polkadot in earthy tones for its backing fabric and found a bright yellow fabric with lil' red ladybugs as its binding.

I'm SO,SO,SO happy with this one!
Decided to forego the 'face' on the flower tho'. Remember the original design (check 'sneak peek' posting) ?

Measurement : 43" W x 54" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peter Rabbit Tin!

It's Peter Rabbit& Friends! My friend A has such wonderful collection of decoupage paper and has put it to good use indeed.

The background colour on this tin is a very lite green. Nice, really.

So what do u think?

Size : Large
Price : RM95
Status : SOLD!

Pink & Blue Tin

My friend A decided to be creative and did this tin in pink & blue. She did a decoupage of the same paper - sleeping bears - in pink for the lid and blue for the body.

" . . . Now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord my soul to keep . . . "

Just lovely! Good for a boy or a girl

Size : Large
Price : RM95
Status : SOLD!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dress Up Your Bottles!

A dear friend of mine W made this. For your bottles. I thought it simply GORGEOUS!

It comes in different colours. Its a 'waistcoat' with a rose bud, snap on buttons around the neck and coordinating coloured ribbon around the 'girth'.

I thought it made a lovely gift. For any occasion.

So instead of the usual wrapping it up with a big bow, just put a 'waistcoat' on and give it away!

They all look grand don't cha think?! All same size, all priced @ RM25/-
Up for grabs, anyone?

Another Purplish Quilt!

I had this fabric some time ago but didn't know what colour to match it with. Yellow would be too yellow and purple . . . I'm not too sure about purple.

Then I went ahead with . . . indigo/dark purple (hahaha!) Looked kinda nice as it brought out the colour in the animal fabric.

Toned it down with 3.5" lilac sashing. And went with a 5" purplish finish. The last fabric was a gamble, but it worked :-)

A lite purple backing fabric & went back to the dark indigo as binding.

Hmmm . . . interesting colours. What do you think people?

Measurement : 43" W X 53" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM160
Status : Available

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny Farm Animals I

Its the lovely IKEA fabric - which I decided to cut up and put together like a jigsaw.

I simply chose a strong blue as its divider, made 20 blocks of 5" squares and put yet another lovely blue fabric.

Polkadot blue as backing fabric (just love 'em DOTS!!) and went back to the same strong blue as binding.

I think it all goes well together and looks just GREAT!

Measurement : 42" W X 54" L
Made up of 100% cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something Purple

Bought this fabric in Singapore and immediately thought of doing it up in different shades of blues. Then J emailed me and said 'what about purple?' . . . . Why not, I thought :-) So I cut up 6 blocks of 9" squares and put a dark 2.5" purple as its first sashing. It looked OK.

Next, was a 3.5" lite purple polkadot fabric.

Then I finished it up with a brilliant striped mixed purple! I just love that stripe fabric.

Backing fabric is purplish-on-white and went back to dark marbled purple as binding.

I so LOVE it ! Thanks J for suggesting purple :-)

Measurement : 42" W X 53" L
Made up of 50% American cotton + 50% Japanese cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pooh-Bear & Friends

Its a lovely Pooh-Bear & Friends panel of very pastel, lite colours.

So I thought I'd liven up the soft colours with strong, bold lines. The green, blue & white stripe fabric is from IKEA.

A perfect green polkadot as backing fabric and a lovely blue confetti as binding.

I like it.

Simple. And nice.

Measurement : 42" W X 52" L
Made up of 100% cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fiery RED starz

It started with just one red star . . . .

. . . which then multiplied . . .

This design is actually the same as the BLUE Starz quilt. Bright red stars on white background. A marbled red as 1st border and a criss-cross red fabric as the last 5" border.

I love the backing fabric on this one - a swirl white on red, and went back to the marbled red as binding.

Up for grabs. Anyone?

Measurement : 42" W X 52" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jungle Safari - I

Bought this gorgeous safari print while I was in Penang.

Just put a lovely green 5" border at the end . . .

. . . olive green for the binding and a lovely dotted green fabric for its binding.

All done! Lovely.

Measurement : 42" W X 50" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM160
Status : SOLD!

1st teddies for 2010

Here's a nice pale blue one - (that would go perfect with my 'Blue Starz Quilt' btw)

Size : medium
Price : RM45
Status : SOLD!

A strong checkered one . . .
Size : medium
Price : RM45
Status : SOLD!

Pretty in Pastels - I quite like the soft pink with the lilac bow. This one is bigger than the usual medium sized ones . . .
Size : large
Price : RM60
Status : SOLD!

See the difference in size? Think I will stick to the medium ones. What do you think?