Sunday, May 30, 2010

Idayu's Order

Idayu had this lovely Alphabet Animal panel (I'd love to have one!) and sent it over to me and simply asked me to do it up nice for her lil' boy. It was bright with such lovely colors. One look at it and I knew what I wanted to do with it. So it was a 2" solid banana-leaf green as sashing in between and all around . . .

Next, framed it up with a 2.5" marbled dark blue fabric. And finally was strips and strips of 2" colorful fabric I had in my scrap basket. It brought out all the bright colors of the animals.

Backing fabric was the IKEA big striped and went for bold solid yellow as binding.

Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Hope you feel the same way :-)

Measurement : 44" W X 64" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Status : SOLD!

Orcas & Dolphins

This is it people! The last of my Orca fabric from down under.

Cut them up into various sizes to capture the orcas and dolphins in different positions and put a solid lime green sashing in between. Wanted to work with only 3 colors - lime green, white & sea blue.

So the lime green went all around, then it was a 2" solid white fabric all around and a 6" perfect striped fabric that had all the 3 colors I wanted! What a find!

A printed green fabric looked good as the backing and the binding was a marbled dark blue.

L.O.V.E.L.Y !

Measurement : 44" W X 52" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had this blue fabric which had brightly colored trucks, lorries, tankers, tractors and the like for some time now. It shouted out for a 'boy' quilt. So I went to work on it. I cut the fabric up into 6" squares and decided on my favorite log-cabin pattern.

Made up 12 blocks and went with 2 different shades of yellow and 2 different shades of red. Both colors brought out the colors of the trucks, tractors, etc.

After the dual-color log-cabin around each block, I wanted to break away from the bright colors and went with a 2" soft quiet baby blue as 1st border. Then I finished it off with a bright aqua blue polkadot that was perfect with the blue background of the truck fabric.

A lovely shade of BIG polkadot blue for backing fabric and went with red for its binding.

Looks nice! Very boy-ish :-)

Measurement : 44"W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Flower Fairies - Lilac

Its a beautiful Flower Fairies panel (just like the one in pink posted sometime ago) but in lilac this time. Bought it on etsy. Each fairy block measures 6" X 9" and I used only 6 blocks and put a solid lilac as sashing. Turned out nice & pastel.

As the 1st border, I decided on a 3" printed lite purple & lilac fabric. 2nd border was a 2" soft cream fabric and finally finished off with a 5" dark purple leaf fabric. Put a lilac pinwheel at all four corners just coz' I felt like it :-)

Had a lovely purple fabric with small rose bud - that worked perfectly! . . . and binding was yet another shade of purple.

Turned out really sweet.

Measurement : 41" W X 54" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Gift Set - Pink

Something for the baby girl . . . . Goodies include -

1x Pink Coin Quilt
1x Pink Teddy
1x Pink & White mittens & booties
5x Carter's Rompers (size: 3 mths)
1x Pink Baby Diaper Bag

Price : RM350
Status : SOLD!

Baby Gift Set - Brown

And here's another gift set in browns & yellow for a baby boy . . . .

Close up of goodies included are -

1x Baseball Quilt
1x Yellow Bib
1x Baby Bottle
1x White mittens & booties
3x Carter's Rompers (size: 3-6mths)
1x Woven Basket with handle

Price : RM280
Status : Available

Baby Gift Set - Blue

A friend has asked that I put together some baby gift sets to choose from. Sure I thought.

A close up of the goodies -

1x Blue Starz Quilt
1x Green bib
3x Carter's Rompers (size: 3-6mths)
1x Blue mittens & booties
2x Small water/milk bottles
1x IKEA Basket

Price : RM280
Status : Available

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Green Quilt

Remember this from a couple of weeks back? Its done!

Simply put a 2" white fabric as 1st border all around. Then, a 2" moss-green fabric as 2nd border.

Finally, a 5.5" beautiful green swirls fabric - perfect!

Yet another green with white clover as backing fabric and went back to the moss-green for binding.

I really like this one :-) What about u?

Measurement : 43" W X 56" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Strawberry Shortcake II

This is the 2nd Strawberry Shortcake fabric I bought (from Cottage Patch) and this time decided to cut them up into squares & strips.

Knew I wanted 2 different colored fabric to surround the blocks - lavender/lilac & banana leaf green. But couldn't find lavender/lilac, so went with a brighter magenta like fabric. Cut the fabric into 7" squares and put 2.5" X 7" strips of each color and alternate squares around it. Made 12 squares.

Decide to end it with 1.5" of soft lime green border and finished off with a 5" fun pink dotted fabric.

Backing fabric was a pastel soft pink and instead of pink or green, went with a reddish-maroon for binding.


Measurement : 44" W X 55" L
Made up of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Overdue for Yusuf Dani!

I'm supposed to get this done in March 2010 in time for my niece's son - Dani's 2nd birthday. Jeez, i'm bad! He wanted the IKEA fabric with animals in fancy cars.

Cut the pictures up and put random fabrics as sashings . . . ,

. . . . framed it up with a 2" moss green fabric and finished off with 5" of my favorite green & purple stripes fabric. It worked well together.

Backing fabric was a lite green with swirls and binding was the same moss green.

Finally done for you Dani! Thanks for waiting :-) Love, nekteh.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its GREEN today

These are my scraps people! In my baking pans - LOL! Must get some storage containers. I've worked on my pinks (Coin Quilt), and my reds (String Quilt) . . .

. . . . so I decided to go for my greens this time around . . . .

. . . . and came up with this! So in love with it at the moment.

Hot Air Balloon

So A emailed me and said she really liked the Hot Air Balloon fabric I bought from Bandung. Could I please whip something up for her. Perhaps I could put white sashings in between she said . . . . and so I did.

Cut the fabric up into 5" squares and put 2" solid white in between. Made 5 across and 7 down with white all around. Next, was a lovely red fabric with multicolored bubbles. Perfect for the 'balloon' effect I thought.

Backing fabric was reddish-maroon with white and decided to be bright and went ahead with a loud yellow fabric for its binding.

Lovely! I'm so into all that red & balloons :-)

Measurement : 44" W X 57" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM200
Status : SOLD!

Dr.Shah's Order

YES! It's another Baby Animals panel. She missed out on the first one and asked if I could please do another exactly like the first . . . .

Lucky for her I had another panel (usually buy them in twos!) and went back to the shop to get the lovely green-striped fabric. Thankfully, the fabric was still available coz' usually these fabrics go like hot cakes.

And here we have it - exactly like the first one! For my friend Dr.Shah.