Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puppy Dreams

It was a simple panel I had a long time ago and never got around to do. It had 1 big picture, 2 medium sized pictures and 4 small ones - all of puppies just frolicking around.

So I re-arranged them . . . .  and put dark blue as sashing as 1st border, and finished off with IKEA's coloured striped. The 4 small pictures was made into the cornerstone.  It all worked well together!
Backing fabric was this lovely candy coloured polkadots that I've had (I collect polkadot fabrics in case you haven't noticed - LOL!) and binding fabric was the same dark blue as sashing.
Fun & Cheerful looking !

Measurement : 39" W X 53" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : SOLD!