Thursday, November 3, 2011

M's Order

M asked if I could please sew the baby's name on . . . . 'Zara Dhiya Imani' - what a lovely name.

It was the Summer Blooms panel (the 3rd one I'm making). I simply added a 2" solid baby pink, next was a 3.5" lovely yellow striped fabric, and finished off with a 6" tiny pink polkadot fabric.

Backing fabric was a perfect pink flowery print and binding fabric was light solid yellow. PERFECT.

M also wanted 2x matching baby pillows and a matching bear. Used up all my tiny pink polkadots!

Here it is. All in a set, ready to go. Hope you like it M!


Anonymous said...

this one is so lovely Anita! Just love it! :)


MamaDaniel said...

memang sangat sweet.... :)