Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake - III

Its done. Don't have anymore of this fabric I'm afraid. The block is a 9" square in square, with lite green as sashing and 2" purple squares as cornerstones.

Next was a 2.5" spray pink fabric as 1st border, then a 4" lollipop polkadot fabric as 2nd border and finally finished off with the same spray pink at 3".

Here it is - with the ray of sunshine on it . . . .

Backing fabric is a very lite pink with teeny-tiny white dots (polkadots again!) and binding fabric was the same lite green as the sashing.

The results - n.i.c.e.

Measurement : 42" W X 53" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Price : RM220
Status : SOLD!