Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some lovely PLUSHIES

Look what I found . . . . some handmade Plushies!

Hootie the Owl

Lil' Noze the Pup

Katzie the Cat

. . . and that's Ellie the Elephant. The front is made of Batik fabric and the eyes, nose, mouth, heart and the back fabric is all felt.

i L.O.V.E it!!


SCLover said...

owl tu unik...!! menarik..

Huda said...

where i can get the cute little kitty for my daughter...???

Anita said...

Hi Huda,

If u want, i dont mind parting with mine as I know the lady who makes them. It is retailed at RM40/-. Let me know ok.

biztoone said...

Hi anita,

im interested. mind sharing where i can get those plushie?

can u email me the details?