Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decoupage Box - Silverware Set

Yet another of A's creation. A lovely box with the right curves . . . .

She has decided to put a nice decoupage paper with orange tiger lilies covering the whole lid in front and some all along the sides.

Taa-dahhh! Open up and we have 4 dividers all painted in the same dark green as the outside, a chain to hold the lid up and lovely flowered decoupage paper on the inside lid.

A GREAT storage idea for some lovely silverware! (opps, forgotten my knives here) . . . .

. . . . or some tea / coffee sachets ? Whatever you put here, its just LOVELY !

Measurement : 14" L X 11" W X 3" D
Made out of 100% solid wood + decoupage paper + high quality & non-toxic wood paint, glue & varnish.
Price : RM230
Status : Available